There’s not so much an employment problem as there is a recruiting problem. Recruiters do much more harm than good, to both job seekers and employers. Contract agency recruiters are the worst, idiots of the business village, but all types of companies are reported here. Lying, refusing to respond, ruining chances with botched submissions, spamming, sheer incompetence — those are the losers we’re calling out.
Before we got fed up and quit publishing our phone number on the various job boards (CareerBuilder, Dice, Monster), the linked recording on YouTube is exactly the sort of message we could expect. Listen to it over and over, earphones or speakers, but you’ll still never be able to understand it. THESE are the wastes of oxygen that stand between candidates and employers.



  1. Candidate February 10, 2014 7:54 pm  Reply

    These companies/recruiters will not be representing me. All these recruiters calling or emailing have bad English and horrible grammar in their emails. That is if they are not using a copy/paste generic email template. These recruiters are just farming the internet for resumes based on key words. It is obvious they are not giving any effort to find the right candidate.

    Arun Kumar
    Atlanta, GA

    E-Business International Inc.
    East Brunswick, NJ

    Aman Arora
    Pyramid Consulting Inc
    Alpharetta, GA

    Rupinder Kour
    Iselin, New Jersey

    Sam G
    Iselin, New Jersey

    Atlantic Partners
    Boca Raton, FL

    Nitin Prasad
    eTeam, Inc

    • John February 13, 2014 2:31 pm  Reply

      Here’s another one not worth working with.

      Sreeja M L Naveen

    • Dave February 13, 2014 2:43 pm  Reply

      This is why I do not work with any recruiting companies that have ties to India.

  2. Candidate February 6, 2014 2:20 pm  Reply

    I also received a generic email from a recruiter from the NY/NJ area. They are obviously just farming the internet for resumes. It was sent to multiple email addresses.

    Here’s the generic email I received.

    To: undisclosed-recipients:;

    Hope you are doing great!!!

    I want to discuss with you a long term job opportunity for a *Sr Technician Operations Support *position with my direct client in *Kansas City, MO*.

    Please let me know the best time and number to contact you if you are looking for new opportunities and are still available in the job market.

    Also, find below mentioned job description

    *Position Details:*

    *Position Title:*

    *Sr Technician Operations SupportLocation:* *Kansas City, MO*

    *JOB DESCRIPTION:This is for Second Shift. We work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
    and every other Saturday from 6 PM to 6 AM*

    This recruiter and the company will never represent me.

    Congratulations you have made it to the recruiter hall of shame.
    Kevin Ross
    Cranbury, NJ

  3. IT Pro February 6, 2014 2:05 pm  Reply

    It is becoming apparent that all recruiters from the NY/NJ area have no idea how to do their job. They are obviously just farming the internet for resumes and not reviewing the candidates background.

    Here’s the generic email I received.

    Hope you are doing well.
    Please let me know about your interest for this position.

    My name is Abhisek and I’m a recruiter at Artech, a global staffing and IT
    consulting company. We are constantly on the look out for professionals to
    fulfill the staffing needs of our clients, and we currently have a job
    opening that may interest you. Below is a summary of the position.

    Job title: Sr Technician, Operations Support[1841-1]
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Duration: 1 Year
    Client: MasterCard

    This recruiter and the company will never represent me.

    Congratulations Abhisek Dash, you have made it to the recruiter hall of shame.
    Cedar Knolls, NJ

  4. M February 4, 2014 8:11 pm  Reply

    Over 20 years of experience in IT and I received this email for this hourly rate? This recruiter and the company will never be representing me.

    Who is teaching these people how to recruit? They use pre-formatted emails. They don’t even take the time to review the person’s background and experience. I guess if the person can breathe, some recruiting company will hire them to fish the internet for resumes.


    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to consider this opportunity with inSync Staffing!

    My name is Nicole. I found your profile in our database and wanted to present this Virtual Tech Support – HPTech 2/24/14 opportunity to you.

    Type of position: W2 hourly/contract position
    Length of assignment: Open ended contract
    End Client: PlumChoice (you will be an employee of inSync Staffing working on a contract/temporary assignment)
    Location: Virtual/Remote
    Target Pay rate: $14.00/hour (depending on fit to required and desired skills in your experience and on your resume)

    Congratulations Nicole Brown, you have made it to the recruiter hall of shame.
    insync staffing
    Manchester, NH 03103

  5. M February 4, 2014 7:23 pm  Reply

    Over 20 years of experience in IT and I received this email for this hourly rate? This recruiter and the company will never be representing me.

    Please have a look at the below job requirement and reply back to me with your latest word format resume ASAP. Do let me know the best contact number to reach you.
    Note: If you feel this job description does not suit your profile then kindly let me know your preferred job roles so that I can be in touch with you with similar jobs. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Windows 7 Migration Technician
    3 months Contract to Permanent
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

    Rate: $14/hr on w2

    Congratulations Rakesh Sadak, you have made it to the recruiter hall of shame.
    randstad technologies

  6. admin February 4, 2014 5:41 pm  Reply

    Scott Hand – Kronos

    Infuriation: inept scheduling, inability to communicate professionally

    Scott is another allegedly senior recruiter who is simply unable to communicate professionally. This really happened:

    Day 1: In response to online submission, Scott emailed the applicant, asking for dates and times of interview availability since he’d “very much” like to speak to the applicant.

    Day 1: One hour after Scott’s request, the applicant emailed times and dates of availability. No response.

    Day 2: The applicant emailed Scott with more times and dates of availability. No response.

    Day 3: The applicant called Scott, left a courteous, succinct voice message with times and dates of availability. No response.

    Day 4: Via email, Scott said that he would be unavailable for the scheduled time (?), asked if he could speak to the applicant at the “same time tomorrow.”

    Since you’re unable to communicate professionally, and since you can’t even keep track of appointments that you apparently set for other applicants, Scott, you’re in the Recruiter Hall of Shame.

  7. admin February 4, 2014 5:30 pm  Reply

    Unidentified woman – Pyramid Consulting, Atlanta

    Infuriation: Phone harassment

    Don’t know her name, but this Indian woman uses a phony Americanized name anyway. She left a decent msg on my phone in the late morning about a job, then followed up with an emailed job description. I had meetings all afternoon on day 1, and most of the morning on day 2, and it’s a PITA where I work to go downstairs and outside to talk openly about a new job. Before I had a chance to return her first call because I had a few questions about the job, she got obsessive. She ended up leaving eight hang-up calls in eight work hours, all from the same number, with no msg at all. The calls on day 2 were pretty long, too, like several minutes each, which killed my breaks because I listened through minutes of silence thinking she would start talking. So I didn’t get a chance to call her and have a conversation because I was busy listening to and then deleting all these calls.

    Pyramid sucks in general because they shotgun any possible job with any possible key word match, without understanding what they’re asking or what’s on your resume. But this chick was just downright crazy.

  8. admin February 4, 2014 5:28 pm  Reply

    Betsy Spang – Seilevel, Austin, TX

    Infuriations: Job-blocking, treating applicants like children, complete lack of any business experience yet positioned as the jobs gateway.

    Betsy has been put in place by Seilevel, an Austin-based company specializing in analyzing and defining software requirements for client companies. This work is both intellectually and experientially demanding, yet little Betsy has NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. None! Her entire post-college career (elementary ed major) consists of one school year spent student-teaching, under supervision, in an elementary school. Now for about two years, she’s the so-called HR manager and recruiter for Seilevel. We’re sure she impressed everybody with her creative color-coding of applicant folders, being able to order lunch for the office, and other elementary tasks. (Or her daddy invested heavily, perhaps.) As a recruiter, her job should be to ensure that applicants are not from Mars, set interview times, and forward emails — you know, like a cocker spaniel sniffing a visitor and then disappearing. Instead, she’s deciding applicants all on her inexperienced own.

    This is worsened by her interview style. Applicants may relate tales of great achievement or costly disaster in the business world, but it’s like speaking of nuclear physics to a cocker spaniel. Betsy has no idea what those words mean, and so periodically responds with completely inappropriate “Alriiight! Greeeaaat!” (like wagging a tail.) We suspect that she’s really self-congratulating for her ability to recognize that English is actually being spoken, so who knows what she’s actually noting in what’s sure to be a child-like scrawl with little flower doodles in the margins. And speaking of writing, your carefully conceived, scrupulously written essay required in the application – the one referencing client engagement methodologies, your past work, all that – might as well be the list of ingredients on a dog food bag, because Betsy has no way whatsoever of comprehending it.

    The very worst, though, is that her management at Seilevel previously went out of their way to brag about the “rigorous” interview process at their company, of “up to half the staff” being involved in hiring decisions. They posted this divorced-from-their-own-reality on at least one LinkedIn forum when they invited submissions for positions for new grads and experienced professionals alike. They obviously don’t know or don’t care that Betsy is making their hiring decisions for them, about the equivalent of a cocker spaniel screening for nuclear physicists. For that, shame on you, Seilevel, and you’ve earned your company a place in the Recruiter Hall of Shame.

  9. admin February 4, 2014 5:28 pm  Reply

    American Partners Inc., Rhode Island

    Infuriation: Setting up a lying novice to recruit and approve experienced professionals

    American Partners, why did you inject a lying novice into the most critical part of the hiring process? Why did you empower this completely unqualified, arrogant rookie to think he’s really a manager? Why? Implementations of PeopleSoft in particular and ERP in general are among the business world’s most complex projects, and competition for experienced professionals is fierce. Despite that, and despite your own firm’s claim that “Our team and consultants must meet the highest of standards,” American Partners has set up a new college graduate as a recruiter and PeopleSoft delivery manager. Michael Trasso has zero business or ERP experience, and has lied about his lack of experience. Your clients are paying considerable fees for applicants who have been “screened” by this novice. That’s not right to the clients, and it’s certainly not right to the applicants.

    With his lofty title of “PeopleSoft Delivery Manager,” and despite his many misspellings and other business correspondence failures, Michael Trasso is the gatekeeper for the critical, high-profile PeopleSoft professionals.

    See separate Hall of Shame listing for Michael Trasso. Yes, Michael Trasso’s LinkedIn profile has been snap-shotted with date/time stamp, and saved along with his emails.

  10. admin February 4, 2014 5:18 pm  Reply

    Melissa Signoracci – Nielsen

    Infuriation: Refusal to respond after interview

    Melissa, or Missy as she also styles herself, belies her lofty-sounding title of “Senior Talent Acquisition Partner” with her obliviously rude, no-response attitude. She’s a negative representative for her company. After the typical recruiter delays on her end in setting and keeping an appointment for an interview, which seemed to go well, Missy apparently decided that the applicant was not worthy of any response at all. Here’s the timetable:

    1. Phone interview
    2. After one business week, applicant courteously and enthusiastically queried her via email, asking if there were anything further he could do at this time. No response.
    3. After two business weeks, applicant queried again via email, again courteously and enthusiastically. No response.
    4. After three business weeks, applicant left a courteous, brief, professional phone message for Missy. No response.
    5. After four business weeks, applicant emailed a final time, asking for any response at all. No response, of course.

    We can just imagine that when each email arrived, Missy disdainfully tossed her hair, rolled her eyes, and muttered something to the effect of “Gaah! Why doesn’t this guy get the HINT?!” We’re sure she didn’t bother to listen to the 60-second phone message, either.

    Missy, here’s a hint for you, just copy the following and paste it into reply emails: “Thank you for applying, but we’re moving forward with another candidate.” That didn’t cost very much, did it?

    And here’s the larger hint for you — you’re in the Recruiter Hall of Shame for your arrogant, rude refusal to respond to polite, professional queries from applicants.

  11. admin February 4, 2014 5:15 pm  Reply

    Bizarre Brian Beigel – Clarity Consultants, Boston

    Infuriation: Refusal to follow through on his own offer of job description, refusal to respond to email or call

    Why would a recruiter ask for an email address to send a job description, then refuse to follow through? The answer must be a bizarre one, hence the nickname for this rudely incompetent waste of time. In fact, since he’s styled as a “Consultant Engagement Manager” for a few years now, it’s probable that he’s wasted a lot of candidates’ time. Bizarre Brian works for Clarity Consultants, already mentioned in this Hall of Shame, so his arrogant, disdainful contempt is right at home.

    Here’s the timeline:
    Day 1: Brian Beigel emailed a prospect through LinkedIn with a very brief mention of a likely-sounding job, and offered to send the job description. Since LinkedIn email doesn’t allow attachments, Brian Beigel asked for an email address that could receive attachments. The prospect provided a suitable email address within the hour, also via LinkedIn email. No response.

    Day 2: The prospect emailed Brian Beigel again through LinkedIn, providing an appropriate email address. Beigel had not provided his own email address, which should have been a clue. No response.

    Day 3: The prospect called Clarity Consultants’ home office on the West Coast. Not only did Brian Beigel not provide any personal contact information, Clarity Consultants doesn’t list contact information for their various offices — Clue 2 to this disdainfully rude organization’s attitude toward prospects who are solicited by the organization themselves. The West Coast HQ connected the prospect to Brian Beigel’s office recording, whereupon the prospect left a polite, upbeat message with her email address and a reminder of the offered position. No response.

    Bizarre Brian Beigel is a typical “senior recruiter,” a person with minimal education and no experience in a bottom-line-focused corporate role. He’s never created or managed, never had to hone his communications skills in real-world production meetings, never been part of a team, never held accountable or even supervised by anyone other than recruiters. He recruits people who are better educated and more skilled than he is, for roles that he cannot understand. Given his tenure in the intellectually bankrupt world of contract recruiting, he’s never going to be exposed to better practices.

    Bizarre Brian Beigel will never learn that he wouldn’t have to hide from incoming business calls and ignore emails like a deadbeat hiding from creditors, if he simply acted professionally and simply followed through on his own offers.

  12. admin February 4, 2014 5:14 pm  Reply

    “Allen D,” “Allen Deepak” – VIVA-IT, Rolling Meadows, IL

    Infuriation: Fake recruiter identity, misleading contact information

    Any email from “Allen D” of VIVA-IT should be treated as fraudulent, and VIVA-IT’s whole operation is suspect. There is no “Allen D” listed on LinkedIn, even using an advanced search.

    The applicant in this case received a job solicitation email. The applicant responded via email, asking for the compensation, and of course there was no response. The next day, the applicant called the number listed in the email (847-960-5289) and reached an anonymous, automated response, without any company or personal identification. Rather than leave a message for unknown parties, the applicant called the different number listed on the VIVA-IT website (847-368-0860), which also shows a different fax number than in the original email.

    The receptionist first denied that there was any “Allen D” at VIVA-IT. The applicant advised the receptionist that someone had sent a job solicitation email with that name, and a different phone number, and pressed the issue a bit. That’s when the receptionist abruptly changed direction and said that there is indeed an “Allen D” at the company (“his name is Allen Deepak, but we call him Allen D.”) The applicant even verified the name spelling with the receptionist. Of course, there is no Allen Deepak listed on LinkedIn, either. Further, the receptionist advised that the suddenly well-recognized Allen D “is at a different location, and I’ll have to advise him via email to contact you via phone.” That’s when our nominating applicant hung up, and got in touch with the Recruiter Hall of Shame.

    Let’s review:
    1. No Allen D on LinkedIn, no identifying response at the number listed in the email, which lists both phone and fax numbers different than VIVA-IT’s website.
    2. First there is no Allen D at the second phone number, then there is an Allen Deepak who’s known as Allen D. There is no Allen Deepak listed on LinkedIn, either.
    3. Allen D can only be contacted via email by the VIVA-IT receptionist, no switching directly to his number, no passing along of his number.

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