Companies – fraud brings lawsuit

Did you spend money on a subscription to It may be some consolation that they’ve finally been hit with a class-action lawsuit for fraud. For many years until 2011, TheLadders (sic) claimed to offer only jobs paying $100,000 or more, “hand-screened” by their personnel, so subscribers should feel darned glad to be able to pay for access. In reality, they were just internet-scraping, copying-and-pasting, as well as charging the few employers who trusted TheLadders to advertise openings. TheLadders is still in business as of June 2013, claiming a completely new business model, but they’re just polishing the brass on a sinking ship. Interestingly, a state charge of deceptive advertising was consolidated into the class-action lawsuit. That state: Arkansas. Good on ya, Arkies.

Here’s a link to one story about the class-action lawsuit.


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